Extensive tax experience

According to one of our Founding Fathers, “there are only two certainties in life” – one of these is taxes.

Bellenfant, PLLC regularly performs tax services for all types of entities across numerous industries, and emcompasses both Federal and State tax. Our extensive tax knowledge allows us to be an asset to our clients, by minimizing tax liabilities within compliance standards.


Federal & State Tax Returns

Our tax firm files corporate, partnership, estate, trust, individual and exempt organization tax returns federally and in over 30 states, nationwide. We have an extensive knowledge in tax filing and compliance, and are constantly learning new federal and state tax law.

Tax Planning

When it’s not tax season, it’s crucial to perform tax planning services in order to maximize tax deductions and credits, while minimizing federal and state tax liabilities. Consistent communication to and from our firm throughout the year promotes advantageous tax planning and strategy.

Tax Controversy Resolution

Since our firm files hundreds of tax returns every year, some of our clients are bound to receive notices from the IRS and state taxing authorities. We understand how these notices can make you feel, so our firm prioritizes resolutions immediately for our clients.

I can't recommend Bellenfant, PLLC enough! Every single person there is so professional and their knowledge is unmatched. They truly care about their clients on a personal level and that really goes a long way. I highly recommend for any and all tax and accounting needs!

Taylor White

Working with Bellenfant CPA is an absolute pleasure! I've happily been using their service for over 10 years. The team is kind and quick to make you feel welcome. They take the time to understand your needs fully, and are patient with any questions you may have! Bellenfant is best choice for anyone new to the greater Nashville area that is in need of a CPA with over 40 years of experience and knowledge in the local area! Thank you for all you do Bellenfant!

Jackson Bruck

We have had the privilege of working with this firm for many years. Not only do they complete a unique annual audit for us, but provide consulting and advice as needed throughout the year. Their insights and guidance have been instrumental in helping us make informed decisions, aiding to our business's success. Thank you for your outstanding dedication and excellent service!

Patrica Bell

Bellenfant, PLLC is the best in Nashville! John has taken care of us from day one with personalized service, quick response times, and thoughtful advice. I was looking for someone knowledgeable to handle the specifics of my dental practice and personal needs. He took a sincere interest in finding the best tax outcome for us. I have complete trust in John's experience. Couldn't recommend more!

Kyle Coghlan

I have worked with the Bellenfant CPA firm for years. I cannot say enough good things about all my interactions with everyone in this company. They are responsive to my questions. They provide advice and guidance on a full range of account, bookkeeping and tax matters. They are my “go to” company with all things financial.

Jim Phillips